About Us

Jock and Kate and their children Lachlan, Olivia and Patrick live on Jocks family property where the kids are the fifth generation on Derowie. Derowie is a family business that breed merino sheep, cattle and grow Lucerne Hay. Horses have always been a part of the place as work horses as well as for sport.

Jocks father Roger, has always had horses being a talented polo player and campdrafter in his youth and then breeding and training a few race winners. Jock has inherited his father’s natural gift with horses and put together with a lot of hard work and a hunger for knowledge he is becoming a respected trainer. After attending pony club as a kid he took a break from the horses whilst at boarding school and then studying and working away from home. After returning home he took up campdrafting with many wins to date. He has recently taken up challenges and ASH showing to help promote the studs horses.

Kate grew up in Western Queensland where horses were also used for work on the station as well as her father being a very keen polocrosse player. After attending pony club she and her brother both played polocrosse from a young age. After leaving school she travelled to England where she worked with both hunters and eventers and at the thoroughbred yearling sales for Tattersalls. After returning home she took up campdrafting as well continuing to play polocrosse at A grade and zone level. She has also taken up challenges and ASH showing with ribbons at Royal level.

The stud evolved from Jock and Kate trying to breed horses to suit themselves. Finding it hard to buy horses that could win a draft, play high level polocrosse, have the looks and conformation to win ribbons at Royal shows and a temperament that meant anyone could ride them, they decided to try and breed them. At the same time Jock was starting to be asked to take horses on and train them for other people. So what started as a hobby has now been made into a business.

They have found the horses that most fit these criteria are a cross with Australian Stock Horse and the Quarter Horse. Using the ASH to get that nice length of rein, legs and front end with athleticism and the quarter horse for a good strong hindquarter and natural cow and temperament.