Kyeema Crystal

ASH - 183355 DOB 21/11/05

Sire: Abbey 

Sire: Abdul 

Dam: Comara Princess 

 Sire: Adios Reflect Sire: Sea Craft 
Dam: Barona Amy  Dam: Palis 
Sire: Commandant
Sire: Elliotts Creek Cadet  Dam: Respect 
Dam: McNamara Splender                   Sire: Krui Roulette 
Dam: Yarranoo Bellette 

Dam: Yarranoo Belle 



Crystal is a beauitful big black mare who is bred in the purple. By the renowned Adios Reflect from a Cadet daughter who won multiple opens including the Condamine Bell. Crystal is a novice mare herself. She comes from a long line of campdraft winners with a really strong dam line (really important for us), each generation in her female pedigree are multiple draft winners, McNamara Splender, Yarranoo Bellette, Yarranoo Belle, Yaranoo Bangles, Glenna. She also carries some of the best sire lines - Adios Reflect, Elliotts Creek Cadet, Abdul, Abbey, Commandant, Krui Roulette, Reality, Bald Hills Echo. Crystal contains 9 foundation sires and mare bloodlines and 2 impact sires in her immediate pedigree. Her paternal Grand dam Barona Amy was also the dam of Barona Select - 1993 ABCRA Open horse of the year and Barona Direct - 2nd 1985 Warwick Gold Cup. Her maternal grand dam Yarranoo Bellette was on open drafter, runner up Open Horse of the year and = 4th in the 1991 Warwick Gold Cup. Abdul won 35 open drafts and won the 1973 Warwick Gold Cup. Reflect was an open drafter, winning highest cut out at the Warwick Gold Cup. Respect 2nd at eh 1958 Warwick Gold Cup. Cadet won the highest cut out at the 1974 Warwick Gold Cup.

Kirbys Stud Asia

  ASH: 137979 DOB: 06/11/1996

    Sire: Reality
  Sire: Warrrenbri Romeo Dam: Warrenbri Julie  
Sire: Warrenbri Omega   Sire: Humewood Millman
  Dam: V Bar N Bonnett Dam: Humewood Blue Bow  
    Sire: Warrenbri  Romeo  
  Sire: Kirkbys Stud Remedy   Dam: Kirkbys Tonic
Dam: Kirkbys Stud Remedy Lass     Sire: Blue Moon Mystic
  Dam: Kirkbys Stud Mystic  Maid   Dam: Gem



We are very excited about the purchase of this mare. She is just what we have been looking for. A lovely big framed old fashioned stock horse. Asia represents an oportunity to introduce some of the best old ASH genetics into our stud. She is by Omega and out of Kirkbys Stud Remedy Lass who is by Kirkbys Stud Remedy (winner of Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge and many Drafts) and out of a Blue Moon Mystic x Chan mare. She is also the dam of Henrys Nineteen Fifty (Open Campdrafter) and Henrys Bonnie Lass (sold for $28 000  at Landmark Classic 2010). Her bloodlines include Omega, Romeo, Cadet, Abbey x3, Mystic, and Chan. She  has  had  a  filly in 2012  by Mcnamara Soul who is by Acrobat and out of a Nabinbah The Gun mare and in 2013 she had a filly to Blue Moon Mystic and has been rejoined to Serenity.

Asias filly Asias filly2 asias filly3

Kirkbys Stud Ella

ASH 142459 DOB 29/09/97 Bay mare


    Sire: Reality 
  Sire: Warrenbri Romeo  Dam: Warrenbri Julie 
Sire: Warrenbri Omega    Sire: Humewood Millman 
  Dam: V Bar N Bonnet  Dam: Humewood Blue Bow 
    Sire: Rivoli Ray 
  Sire: Yallatup Rivoli Rex Dam: Fladbury Stud Crisena 
Dam: Kirkbys Stud Lilly    Sire: Little Abbey 
  Dam: Ginnagulla Tilly  Dam: Ella 
Ellas Filly2 
 By Warrenbri Omega and out of Kirkbys Stud Lilly who was by Yallatup Rivoli Rex and out of a Little Abbey mare. Her breeding speaks for itself. She was Reserve Champion led 3yold at 2001 National Championships and came 9th overall in the National Futurity. She then injured herself as a 4 yr old so then was used for breeding purposes. We have sold 2 fillies out of this mare since owning her both by Acres, Derowie Mega Acres for $22 000 in 2013 and Derowie Enchanted Acres for $14 300 (as a yearling - she was the 2nd highest priced horse of the sale) in 2014. She has a colt foal on her at the moment by Acres and she is back in foal to Serenity. She is a nice strong boned old fashioned stock horse and with her breeding we feel she is just the sort of mare to cross with the quarter horse.
 Enchanted-Acres  Meg1a Meg2a
Meg Head Ellas colt2  Ellas colt3

Hazelwood Comma

ASH: 178853 DOB: 01/12/1998

    Sire: Commandant
  Sire: Elliotts Creek Cadet Dam: Respect 
Sire: Dogwood Comet   Sire: Rivoli Ray
  Dam: Dogwood Madam Dam: Dawn 
    Sire: Reality 
  Sire: Seventy Seven Revenge Dam: Seventy Seven Susie
Dam: Reemark   Sire: Dyamberin Richard
  Dam: Langs Mayfair Dam: Cuanban



Comma carries some of the Halls best HSH breeding that we think will be a great cross with Serenity's modern QH bloodlines. She was an extremley competitive mare with numerous placings in Maiden, Novice & Opens, running several 90's & 91's, proving her ability before being retired to stud. Terry Hall described her as a very natural and talented mare. She is a great type of mare and we look forward to our first foal from her to Serenity in 2014.

Hazelwood Quest

ASH: 123606 DOB: 19/01/1994

    Sire: Abbey 
  Sire: Abdul  Dam: Comara Princess
Sire: Adios Reflect    Sire: Sea Craft
  Dam: Barona Amy Dam: Palis
    Sire: Dimray
  Sire: Reality Dam: Glamour
Dam: Bar None Request   Sire: Bobbie Bruce
  Dam: Wendy Duncan

Dam: Grand Joy Mare



We have recently bought Quest as we have been wanting to find the right Adios Reflect mare to join to Serenity. What we love about this mare is that her dam side is so strong, its not often that you see Reality and Bobbie Bruce so close these days, bringing some of that great old fashioned breeding to our stud. She is a novice drafter backing her great breeding with performance. She is due to foal to Kinchela Romeos Repeat (winner of Warwick Stallion draft) in 2014 and then we will join her to Serenity.

Quests coltQuests colt2

Stallion out of Quest by Repeat

Moore of Acres

ASH C2-192610 Q-64748 DOB 12/9/07 Bay Mare

By Acres Destiny and out of Peterbar Oak Once Moore who was by Doc Freckles Oak and out of Roc Once Moore who is a full sister to One Moore Spins mother.

We purchased her from Richard Bull as a 2yr old and took an embryo out of her by Conman. We had a very smart little colt born as a result of this who was purchased by Terry Snow. She was shown as a 3yr old where she won many Champion ASH Led, Hack and Working Classes and competed at Sydney Royal and the ASH National Futurity in 2011. Several of her full siblings are draft winners, Terry and Chrissy Hall own Acres Once Moore who has won many drafts and Tony Hick owns 2 sisters both who are drafts winners and a brother he has just started.

She is a great type, winning many Champion Led ASH classes showing that she looks more like a stock horse than quarter horse. She has that nice front end that Acres seems to give his progeny. I remember asking Terry Hall once about the whole ASH verses Quarter horse thing and he said that he just looks for a horse that has the right conformation, ability and attitude to do what he is after and if they have all that then he doesn't care what bred it is. This mare is a prime example of what we like and although being full Quarter horse she has beaten many stock horses in the show ring. We are taking her lightly as we believe if we are patient with her we will have a very handy mare in the long run. She has a lot of natural cow sense and ability as would be expected with her breeding.

Moore of Acres Moore of Acres 4 Ellie working
Moore of Acres 2 Moore of Acres 5 Ellie Working2

Destinys Black Gem

Q-51648 DOB 27/10/02 Black Mare

    Sire: Son Of A Doc 
  Sire: Bob Acre Doc  Dam: Sapp Sandy 
Sire: Acres Destiny    Sire: Docs Hickory 
  Dam: San Jose Hickory  Dam: San Jose Belle 
    Sire: Doc's Oak 
  Sire: Docs Freckles Oak  Dam: Susies Bay 
Dam: Freckles Oak Girl    Sire:  Mr Freckles Boy
  Dam: Mr Freckles Girl  Dam: Joeann

Jock  Gem - Cowra

By Acres Destiny and out of Freckles Oak Girl who was by Doc Freckles Oak and out of a Mr Freckles Boy Mare. Gem is a product of that magic cross of Acres and DFO. She has won several drafts with many placings and was a very talented mare who had a V8 engine. She was a very powerful mare who was extremely explosive and quick to her cow.

It was a hard decision to take her out of our competition string and breed with her but we wanted a couple of first class mares to start our breeding program and we are very excited to see what she will produce for us.


Jock  Gem - Cowra Jock  Gem 2 - Cowra Gems Filly
Gem Gems filly_2 black cat2

Killbeggan Sadie

 ASH 168469 DOB 16/10/2003 Chestnut Mare

    Sire: Docs oak
  Sire: Docs Spinifex Dam: Roanies Lynx
Sire: Almora QP Double Doc   Sire: Fortyniner Doc 
  Dam: Fortyniner Fever Dam: Dickeys Taffeta
    Sire: Reality 
  Sire: Warrenbri Romeo  Dam: Warrenbri Julie
Dam: Manoeuvre   Sire: Buzz Robe Sire 
  Dam: Lady Rowena Dam: Kalimah mare

Sadie Working

By Double Doc and out Manoeuvre who is a draft winning Romeo mare. We purchased Sadie from Jackie Knudsen. She had been started by Jackie with numerous placings in both maiden and novice drafts. Since we have owned her she has run a 90 and just missed out on a place in the Open draft at Orange and made the maiden and novice finals in the same weekend at Cumnock. She has a lot of natural cow sense and is a really soft mare. She is a great type.We are very excited to see what this mare will do in the future and believe she is a great asset to our stud.

We have decided to give her a break from drafting and take the opportunity to get a couple of foals out of her before we bring her back into work.

Performance History

  • 2012 ASH National Championships 4th Working Class
  • 2012 4th Maiden Draft at Warren & 7th first round of the Novice
  • 2012 Finalsit in both the Maiden and Novice at Cumnock
  • 2012 Finalist in Open at Orange (only 1pt off a place, with a first round score of 90)


Sadie Working  Kilbeggen Sadie orange open-8925
orange maiden-7920 DSC 1625  

Montcalm Cinderlena

ASH 184622 DOB 15/03/2001 Black Mare

    Sire: Doc O Lena 
  Sire: Smart Little Lena  Dam: Smart Peppy
Sire: Tassa Lena    Sire: Peppy San Badger
  Dam: Little Tassa Dam: Docs Tassajara 
    Sire: Scrumlo Firelight
  Sire: Pamlmers Danny Boy Dam: Virginia
Dam: Montcalm Black Swan   Sire: Korak 
  Dam: Amaranda Lolita Dam: Amaranda Juanita

Montcalm Cinderlena

By Tassa Lena and out of Montcalm Black Swan who has a double cross of Bobbie Bruce and Scrumlo Firelight FS in her breeding. Cinders won several ASH classes and challenges before having to be retired to stud due to injury. She had lots of ability and natural cow sense and a good calm temperament which she  passes onto her foals. We sold a yearling filly out of her by Serenity at the 2014 ASH Nationals for $11 000, Derowie Cinders And Ashes.


Montcalm Cinderlena Ashes copy  Ashes
 Lena2b  Derowie Not_Doin_Him_Justice2  Derowie Not_Doin_Him_Justice

Ropeley Park Portfolio

ASH 169718 Black Mare

    Sire: Abbey 
  Sire: Blue Moon Mystic  Dam: Barretts Creek Betty
Sire: Valliview Classic    Sire: Warrenbri Romeo 
  Dam: Valliview Juliet  Dam: Lynway Goldie
    Sire: Kirkbys Commando 
  Sire: Kirkbys Stud Scout Dam: Bates Lonesome
Dam: Vet School Nanette   Sire: Tyalgun James
  Dam: Vet School Gismet Dam: Smokey

DSC 1897

By Valliview Classic who is by Blue Moon Mystic and out of a Romeo mare, and out of Vet School Nanette who goes back to Elliots Creek Cadet and Reality, who is also the dam of Ropeley Park Asset Winner of 2002 State Futurity and 6th in 2002 National Futurity.

Portfolio has won numerous Champion Led, Hack and Working ASH Classes. She has numerous placings in drafts, coming 2nd a couple of times by only 1 point. She is a very cowy competitive mare who likes to dominate her cattle.

She is extremely athletic which gives her the ability to handle difficult cattle and conditions.

Performance History

  • 2008 4th Maiden Draft (her 2nd start) Condobolin
  • 2008 2nd Encouragement Draft Orange
  • 2010 7th Novice (2nd in 2nd round) Draft Warren
  • 2010 6th Novice Draft Cowra
  • 2010 2nd Maiden Draft Camden
  • 2010 2nd Open Tubbul Draft
  • 2011 2nd Open Cowra Draft
  • 2012 7th Maiden Geurie Draft
portfolio Orange Portfolio Orange2 Portfolio Molong
Jock & Portfolio - Cowra Jock & Portfolio - Cowra Jock & Portfolio - Cudal
Jock & Portfolio - Cowra  portfolios colt2  Portfolios colt