Destinys Black Gem

Q-51648 DOB 27/10/02 Black Mare

    Sire: Son Of A Doc 
  Sire: Bob Acre Doc  Dam: Sapp Sandy 
Sire: Acres Destiny    Sire: Docs Hickory 
  Dam: San Jose Hickory  Dam: San Jose Belle 
    Sire: Doc's Oak 
  Sire: Docs Freckles Oak  Dam: Susies Bay 
Dam: Freckles Oak Girl    Sire:  Mr Freckles Boy
  Dam: Mr Freckles Girl  Dam: Joeann

Jock  Gem - Cowra

By Acres Destiny and out of Freckles Oak Girl who was by Doc Freckles Oak and out of a Mr Freckles Boy Mare. Gem is a product of that magic cross of Acres and DFO. She has won several drafts with many placings and was a very talented mare who had a V8 engine. She was a very powerful mare who was extremely explosive and quick to her cow.

It was a hard decision to take her out of our competition string and breed with her but we wanted a couple of first class mares to start our breeding program and we are very excited to see what she will produce for us.


Jock  Gem - Cowra Jock  Gem 2 - Cowra Gems Filly
Gem Gems filly_2 black cat2