Landmark Classic Sale 2013

DPH had a very successful sale for 2013 selling Derowie Admirals Spin for $16 500. She is a terrific little mare and we are sure that her new owner Gwen MacMillian from Doncrica ASH stud in QLD will be very happy with her. Serenitys full sister was sold for $71 000 and a mare by his half brother (same dam) sold for $60 000, showing that his genetics are some of the best in the industry. He is the only stallion that is by Acres and out of Serene so the only opportunity for people to access these genetics without buying one of his sisters which as you can see is very expensive! He does have a full brother - Serene Acres (won the 2011 Warwick Gold Cup) but he is a gelding.

2012 Drop Foals


Cinders Filly Cinders Filly 2
Gems Filly Gems Filly2
Zandes Colt Zandes Colt 2
Evita Evita 2
Ellas Filly Ellas Filly3
Niketa and Evita2 Niketa


Tubbul Campdraft

As always we had a great weekend at Tubbul draft, they always put on a great show. I am still yet to win the John Lordan saddle, cant ever seem to put my good runs together for the big ladies draft but Serenity went really well making the final and Jock made the Novice final on Sadie and Doc Bird ran an 87 in Open but missed the final by 1pt. So no ribbons but a great weekend with all the horses going really well. Moore of Acres is really starting to watch and rate her cattle well, luck just hasnt come her way with cattle lately, but I am so pleased with how she is shaping up and really looking forward to what the future holds for her.

Serenity Places at Molong

We had a great weekend at Molong with Serenity coming 5th in the Novice. Unfortunately he got a really tough beast in the final but he did so well to put him round only just missing his gate, we are really happy with how he is running. Thanks Molong for a great weekend.

Serenity 4th at Cowra Draft

Serenity came 4th in the Ladies only 3pts off the leader and our beast just cut inside the gate in the final, he is so much fun to ride. Jock made all his finals (4) but just couldn't get the right beast in the final. Portfolio had a great weekend but unfortunately her great runs never seemed to be together. She made the maiden, novice and open finals, Sadie also made the 2nd Novice final. Moore of Acres didnt have much luck with cattle this weekend but I am so happy with how she is progessing, she is so soft with so much ability, I just love the way she naturally tracks her cattle outside. She is going so well and only running at 40%, I havent asked anything from her yet, very excited about her in the future, for now I am just happy letting her find her feet slowly. She is a 3/4 sister to Serenity (Acres out of DFO mares), I  just love that magic cross, we have 3 horses with that breeding and they are our best horses. (Destinys Black Gem is the 3rd) A week to try and catch our breath and then off to Molong this weekend. Jock is judging the maiden so we will only have the Novice and Open runs, as long as the rain dosent put it off.

Geurie Campdraft

We had a really nice weekend at Geurie, the cattle were great, fantastic grounds and wonderful weather. The horses all went well Portfolio made the Maiden final and only just missed her gate just knocking her out of the places. Serenity had the equal highest cutout in the maiden. The rest of the team went really well just no luck. Moore of Acres coursed both her runs in the maiden and the novice, she has put her cattle round in her first 3 drafts, I think there are big things to come for her in the future.

Doc Bird wins big open at Condobolin

Doc Bird had one of the toughest wins of his career in the open on Saturday night at Condo Draft. He came into the final on top score and was bought for $400 in the culcutta (more than double anyone else) the pressure was on! He was 2nd last and no big scores had been posted due to tough cattle. He only needed a medium score to win. They took a big tough steer that carted them across the arena and almost past the gate but somehow they managed to get him back past the first peg and then Doc Bird pushed around the rest of the way. It was very exciting with losts of atmosphere being under lights and the nights entertainment. Well done to Condo draft for such a great night. The rest of them team went really well and we are very happy with how they are all running.


5 Ribbons at Warren Campdraft

We had a great start to the drafting season after a 6 month break. All the horses went really well. Sadie got 4th in the maiden and 7th in the 1st round of the Novice draft, Doc Bird got a 5th in the Open 4 Open (running a 65 for horse work, unfortunately had a drop back in the camp otherwise he would have won it) and then getting 8th in the other open, Serenity got 5th in the 2nd round of the novice and I made the ladies final on Doc Bird with the 2nd highest score coming into the final unfortunately we werent able to put our beast round in the final. Moore of Acres had her first start scoring an 85. So we are very happy with the team considering they haven't been anywhere since ASH Nationals in March and a couple havent been anywhere since Nov last year.

Serenity Successful at Condobolin Show

Serenity had his first outing since March last weekend at Condobolin Show on 25th Aug. He was such a good boy, winning his Led class then going onto win Res Champ Led ASH and then coming 2nd in ASH Hack U15hh and then winning his working class. It was my first time showing him as Jock has ridden him in the past and he was so easy to get along with, I am still working out how best to ride him so a good start. His no fuss attitude makes him so easy to show. He has had hardly any work, I rode him for 20mins on Friday before we went and that was it. I hope he passes this sort of attiude onto his progeny as it makes life a lot easier, especially now with the kids I just dont have hours to be working a horse down.

2011 Drop Foal Photos

Some photos of our 2011 babies

Conman colt Fort Admiral Fort Admiral2
Fort Talon_x_Dizzy_Filly Fort Talon_x_Dizzy_Filly_2 Gems Filly
Gems filly_2 Mercurys Tribute  Roc Stars_Lena

Serenity successful at ASH Nationals

Serenity had a great nationals getting a place in his led and hack and making the final in the maiden series campdraft and placing in the first round and then getting 2nd in the ladies draft. Sadie came home with a place in her working class.

 Serenity ASH_Nationals_2012_b

Landmark Classic Sale 2012

Derowie Performance Horses (DPH) had another successful year up at the sale selling both geldings. We would like to thank both Meagan Hopkins for purchasing Derowie Not Doin Him Justice, this is the 2nd year in a row that Megan has purchased a horse from us at Landmark and John Arnold for buying Outreyjess and look foward to hearing about their success in the future.

Video Clip on YouTube

A friend of ours came to Tubbul draft and took some video footage and made up a short clip and put it on YouTube.

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